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My Tall Girl

Must now go to a booster seat. She’s under 35lbs , but she’s 38 inches, nearly 39. And not even three yet.

*sob* (and a wink)

Potty training (she’s got lucky kitty power panties for when she’s not in pullups and we have a lot of towels), no more baby food (ok, for a long time) no more bottles (again for a long time) regular cups at the table (since September), and the beeper fairy (pacifier) is coming to take her beepers to the babies who need them (she only gets them at sleep time, so hopefully it won’t be too horrid). She can use scissors and a dull knife at school. And though there were doubters, she uses spoons and forks just fine, but still enjoys a good squish of finger food.

She sings entire verses of the Nightmare before Christmas, can recite complete books and is reading the letters on signs. She cleans up her toys every day, knows about ‘quiet kitty” voice (though doesnt always use it) and can count to 11 in Spanish and 5 in French (and by example, thank you not drilling or flashcards). She knows how to tell people her name, knows our names (and not just mommy and daddy) and can talk about her day at school, naming her friends and teachers. She also pats them when they are sad.

What’s next, college? (well yes, of course college, but hopefully not for a couple of months yet).

This whole growing up fast thing is very true.

And on top of all that, she’s beautiful.

She isnt perfect, but she’s such a wonderful, sweet, smart and adorable kitten that it makes getting through the tough stuff much easier. And all I need is “I love you mommy,” something I’m lucky enough to hear several times a day, along with a big kiss and a jump on me hug, and my patience levels are reset.

It’s wacky how much I love this little bean. It’s wacky how good it is to be a mommy.

We just got back from the bookstore. “we’re going to the bookstore, yay. We’re going to get some books and read ’em.”

We’re incredibly lucky. If it is a crime to be your child’s biggest fan, I’m headed for the chair. A low chair, a high chair, but certainly my chair.

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  1. borggrrl Says:

    …still enjoys a good squish of finger food.

    Who doesn’t?

    Re: loving books: I was discussing with my lovely wife last night something that only recently occurred to me–all of the “famous” people that I’ve met and felt (feel) all fangirly about in the past decade are writers. Not rock stars, not actors, but writers. Sounds like Miss Bean may be heading in the same direction. Not surprising considering her bookworm parents. 🙂

  2. Kirva Jade Says:

    ah, she sounds like Darion! Darion is now 8.5 and nearly as tall as I am (5’5″). It’s scary, but wonderful. She will never be “too short”.

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